The Single Sculling program is for a small group of rowers who want to improve their single sculling technique,  in addition to improving their physical fitness. Another goal of this program is to improve a rower’s technique and performance with a view to racing, regardless of previous racing experience.
Participants will row together under the direction of a coach rowing in a single scull. Basic competence in a sculling shell is a prerequisite. Rowers in this program meet Monday through Friday throughout the season and should own or have access to a privately-owned scull. Limited ACR singles may be available with coach coordination and approval. If a rower uses an ACR boat, a flip test will be required. Program hours are nominally from 6:30-8:00 a.m.; however, lack of light sometimes forces a later launch time.
This program is limited to 8 rowers.
Joanna Rubini:
Program Fee: $850