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Head Coach: Ryan Barone, ryan.a.barone@gmail.com
Assistant Coach: Caroline Larson, crlars102@gmail.com
Schedule: M/W 6:30 to 8:00 PM; and Sat. 8:00-9:30 AM
Program Dates:  June 10 - Sept. 7, 2024
Program Fee: $590
Skill Level: Novice
Racing: N/A

The Novice Sweep program is for adults who have no rowing experience. Its goal is to teach basic sweep rowing skills and technique, and to experience the excitement and fun of the sport. 

Rowers will learn:

  •  Basic terminology/vocabulary
  •  Basic rowing stroke on erg, including one 2000m erg 'test'
  •  Basic rowing stroke on the water, up to 28 stroke rate.
  •  Ability to row either side interchangeably
  • Basic equipment carriage / usage (launching, recovering, carrying boats and oars)
  •  Basic equipment knowledge (spread, height, pitch, stretcher positioning, basic rigging and tools)
  •  Practice efficiency/productivity (punctuality, stretching, 90-seconds on/off dock, pre-brief/post-brief)
  •   Prerequisite to enter Sweep II program

Coxswains will learn (whether participants of the program or just helping out):

  •   Steering
  •   Basic maneuvering
  •   Basic safety responsibilities
  •   Body position in the seat
  •   Basic commands
  •  Verbal communications / dynamic partnership with on-the-water coach
  •   Basic psychology of leadership
  •   Basic equipment knowledge
  •   Enter Sweep 2 program
Answers to frequently asked questions about our novice programs are available on our Learn to Row FAQ page.