The Local Competitive Sweep program is a co-ed training program for rowers with at least 2-3 years of rowing experience and a desire to improve fitness, technique, and competitive potential. Program participants also have the opportunity to race a local regattas and are boated for such regattas based on interest and coach-assessed readiness to race. Combined racing with national competitive program rowers will also be an option, based on coach assessment. Rowers participate in both land and on-water workouts and are eligible to participate in periodic testing and evaluation for participation in National Competitive Sweep based on individual goals. New club members and graduates of Sweep II programs can be evaluated for this program by coaching staff. This program meets Monday through Friday from 5:15-7:00 am.
This program is limited to 40 rowers.
Alan Weatherley:
Peter Bautz:
Program Fee: $765.00
Or two installment payments of $450.00 (April 1) and $335.00 (July 15)