The National Competitive Sweep program is a co-ed intensive training program for rowers with experience and desire for competitive racing at local and, primarily, national races. Rowers with at least 3-5 years of competitive experience and a desire to train at competitive level are eligible for testing and participation in this program. The program is designed to maximize fitness, technique, and competitive performance. Training for both sprint and head regattas will be a priority, and participants must be committed to racing. Participation in this program and seating will be at the coach's discretion and based upon periodic testing, on-the-water performance, physical ability, effort, and attendance. This program meets each weekday morning Monday through Friday. Fees cover coached program and ACR dues/fees only. Race fees of a minimum of $400 per year should be anticipated to cover boat entry charges and trailer fees.
Brian Comey (women):
Jaime Rubini (men):
Program Fee: $765.00
Or two installment payments of $450.00 (April 1) and $335.00 (July 15)