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About Us

Alexandria Community Rowing (ACR) is a rowing club within the Washington, D.C. area that provides recreational and competitive rowing opportunities for adults rowers of all ages and skill levels.  We are affiliated with the Alexandria Crew Boosters, Inc., which supports the Alexandria City High School rowing program.  Given our affiliation and support, ACR has access to one of the most modern and fully equipped boathouses in the Washington, D.C. area.

ACR is located at the Dee Campbell Rowing Facility at One Madison Street in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia.

We consist of approximately 200 adults of all ages.  About half are sweep rowers and the other half are scullers and many do both.  Currently there is no waiting list to join the club.  However, some programs fills up quickly.  Our rowing season is 7 months long – from the beginning of April to the beginning of November.  ACR provides both sweep and sculling coached programs.  Sweep rowers must join a coached program.  Scullers may row either in a coached program or independently.  To better understand the programs offered check out the Programs page.

Safety is always a priority at ACR. In the event of an incident, the Safety Coordinator should be notified as soon as is practicable after the event. In addition, the Incident Report Form should be completed to ensure that there is written documentation of what happened.